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Monday, July 25, 2016

While We're Waiting

Little Hughes has been on the move the last few days. On Saturday, I took the lovely glucose test and am hoping for good results. Adding one more twist to the list of my life is unneeded and may lead to a meltdown. I'm doing well, like an unusual calm within a storm, but I know the lightning could strike at anytime, the thunder roar, the rain soak, and the wind test my balance. Deep breaths, coffee, and whispered prayers have helped, but of course, reading and hearing stories and encouragement from those who've been there get me through these crazy hormones-out-of-whack, life-spinning-in-its-own-direction, and 3rd-trimester-trouble moments. That said, here are the reads that resonated with me this week.

The first is a tear jerker if you're a mom, the second and third give perspective on rough days, the fourth allowed me to breath a sigh of relief, and the fifth is a lighter read with a thought provoking ending. Enjoy!

If God Makes You A Mommy by Christi Gee

Life Is Madness. Play Music. Eat Donuts. Dance. Laugh. by Joy

When Today Just Doesn't Go Your Way by Emily Lofgren

Having A Second Child Made Me A Better Mom by Amanda Hughes

A Crash Course In Honeymoon Survival by Sara Manning Peskin

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