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Friday, July 22, 2016

Short & Sweet: Chris Marlow Book

Upon receiving the book, "Doing Good Is Simple", I started by scoping out the premise. I've always believed that doing good doesn't have to be difficult. It might look like taking ornaments to elderly folk in a nursing home, gifting toys to Angel Tree, or helping at a soup kitchen. However, the idea of "simple" encompassing such a major global issue as poverty and orphaned children seems impossible. I was skeptical as to what author Chris Marlow would offer to make global issues seem less daunting and paralyzing. After reading this book, I can say with certainty that global issues can be fought without changing a whole lot to how you currently live. You don't have to travel to Africa or Haiti to make a change, and you don't have write a check every month, unless, of course, that's the direction God leads you. Chris Marlow challenges readers with the idea that simple is significant, and he uses scripture throughout the book to defend these ideas. He also shares his story of being an orphan which powerfully places the reader into his shoes rather than focusing on countless facts.

Another reason I was skeptical to read this book was because I assumed he would attempt to make a "donate to my organization and help alleviate poverty" claim. Anyone who knows me will quickly raise their hand on the understanding that I don't like being told what to do. Ask my parents, my siblings, my husband. Ordering me to do something often leads to bull-headedness. It's a struggle. So while reading this book, I was apprehensive whilst waiting for Marlow to subtly sneak supporting his cause, his passion, his organization Help One Now, and his mission within the pages of his book. Marlow doesn't do this in any part of the book. In fact, there is one point in which he suggests choosing an organization that works best for your own family. He also suggests focusing on your own passions to make good changes in the world. That may look like writing, sewing, baking, building, cleaning, or farming.

This book is a must read for anyone looking to make a difference in the world but struggling to know how to do so. It's for the mom who feels she doesn't have the time to do anything worthwhile. It's for the man struggling to lead his home. It's for the college student considering God's purpose for their life. It's for you.

If you are interested in reading this book, click on the picture to preorder a copy. If you preorder before the book comes out on August 2nd, you'll receive a bunch of resources: an ebook, access to podcasts, writings from other authors, and more!

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