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Friday, July 15, 2016

Short & Sweet: live simply, serve daily

Live simply and serve daily.

Sometimes we must embrace the mess of the moment while desire remains on hold.

When our eyes gloss over at the simply living within our lives, we must pray for new vision. Simply living requires facing those tasks, approaching them with ready hands and a willing heart, and giving ourselves to serving.

We have desires that make us come alive, give us purpose, and allow us to process the world. These passions, these desires, are often an opportunity to give. However, desire and passion become dull and meaningless when we fail to live simply and fully. Therefore, we must set them aside for a season in order that we might bring a greater offering to the table.

We must...
clean the laundry room, 
bake bread,
speak to a stranger,
wait patiently,
color with our children,
serve and give to others.

We weren't created only to accomplish what we find most important and fulfilling in our lives. We were created to serve and give fully in every offering, both significant and small. Oftentimes, the small offerings served with a sweet spirit become significant.

Jesus washed his disciples feet. This was significant because the Messiah was humbly serving, but the act itself was small. The act of washing feet before entering an establishment was a common and often unnoticed task. Servants who took on this task weren't looked upon with admiration. They washed the caked dirt from grass-stained, calloused, pungent feet. They served and did so without recognition. We must do the same. We must set aside what boasts ourselves so that we might serve others and Christ.

We must live simply and serve daily.

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