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Friday, July 1, 2016

Learning In June

1. Using a bullet journal is beneficial. 

I began using a bullet journal this month. Under the impression that summer would be hot, lazy, and slow, I wasn't prepared for the busy schedule that has come with the wonderful weather. It has been nice to have plenty to do, and I haven't let it overwhelm me, but I know that's mainly because I keep track of the daily. You can learn more about the bullet journal system here.

2. I'm learning much about grace within motherhood. 
I've known of grace. The word was ingrained within me as constant reminders were spoken of in my childhood church, but experiencing grace rarely showed significance within my life. I was far from perfect as a kid, but there wasn't a whole lot of pressure to do things right like there is as a mama. Each day, I have to remind myself that I live in a fallen world, that I'm imperfect, and that raising a little one comes with moments in which failing happens on the daily. This season of motherhood has allowed me to see the beauty of grace within my own life rather than simply in the lives of others, and it's teaching me to give more grace to those I love most.

3. Gardening is enjoyable. 

We've worked hard to have a small garden this year, and we just ate our first zucchini and lettuce this month. My parents always planted a garden, and I was never fond of the work and effort involved, but adulthood has a way of giving perspective. We are saving quite a bit of money by growing our own veggies, and that makes the work a lot more enjoyable.

4. Our little girl is fearless. 

She loves animals, and bugs, and dirt, and essentially anything within nature. My kid has gone after chickens and ducks, has curiously watched a spider creep across the concrete, and has picked up a house centipede and handed it to me all within a month's time. I hope she'll be fearless forever, but she watches as mommy screams and cries at the sight of a tiny spider, and she runs into my arms and holds my neck, and I fear that my loss of composure will cause her to fear the same silly things that I fear. Time will tell.

5. Nesting is a thing. 
Last month I wrote, "don't expect a sparkling surface and uncluttered carpet." On a typical occasion, don't expect it. This month, however, I've hit nesting mode. Cleanliness has gone overboard. This never happened during my first pregnancy, so I'm embracing it because I feel extremely satisfied after deep cleaning an area in the house, and I'm sure that feeling will go right out the window soon enough.

6. Leg cramps are also a thing. 
While on the subject of pregnancy, let me tell you that suddenly waking to a calf cramp in the dead of night is terrible. They happened with the first pregnancy, and they are back again. Now that I know what childbirth is like, I'd almost say that a two minute calf cramp is worse than a contraction. Almost. Contractions are worse because you know another one is coming. If that were the case for calf cramps, they'd be worse, hands down.

7. A baby doll is our daughter's favorite toy. 

Perhaps it's all the "mommy is having a baby" talk, but our daughter's favorite toy is her baby doll. "Baby" is also the word she says better than any other.

8. Making Play Dough is a great family activity.

Note: If making play dough with a toddler, be sure there are two adults involved. I'm so glad I waited for the hubby before indulging in such a messy activity.

9. A new kind of weekly post is coming your way. 
Since I'm a mom with a toddler, I don't have a ton of time for writing. As of now, I'm faithfully bringing you weekly "While We're Waiting" posts which are links to other websites that resonate with me and hopefully will do the same for you. I'm also bringing you things I've learned once a month. I'm bringing you another weekly post. They'll be called "Short & Sweet." Writing a couple hundred words is much less daunting than writing a page worth, and I'll be more likely to stick with them once #2 arrives. Also, let's be real. Time is probably not on your side either. I'd rather bring you quality instead of quantity, and I hope to do so with "Short & Sweet" posts.

10. I need only be obedient. 
I had the opportunity to teach a lesson for the women's group at our church. A friend of mine gave a brief monologue on a woman from the bible, a hands-on visual was presented, and then I spoke. It's nerve-wracking to speak to a crowd on anything that you're passionate about. Self-doubt set in while I was still speaking. You aren't making any sense. This isn't helping anyone. Who do you think you are? You know nothing. I couldn't combat the flood of doubt while also trying to speak. Afterward, I faced the doubt. Perhaps I wasn't making sense the entire time, but if only one or two things made sense and resonated, I didn't fail. Who do I think I am? I'm a child of the King and He knows everything and equips and places me exactly where He wants me. I'm not sure why, but He wanted me there, speaking to those women, and the only thing I needed to be was obedient.

What have you learned this month? 

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