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Monday, September 5, 2016

While We're Waiting

30 more days! One month to go and we will finally meet our second little one and find out boy or girl. We had our last ultrasound last week and we let our daughter come with us. She watched the monitor and kept saying "baby" over and over. I'm not sure if she knows exactly what's going on, but it's cute to hear her say "baby." Our second is charting a bit larger than usual. Why am I not surprised? Please don't be a 10 pound baby, little Hughes! All is well and we are getting more and more excited with each passing day. Until then, here's some links for your week.

When You Finally Get Over Trying To Be Perfect by Sarah Mae

30 Ways To Boost Your Happiness Today by Jennifer Dukes Lee

A Letter To Those Who Teach by Courtney Stanford

Living In The Sweetest Days by Heather Hollander

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