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Monday, September 19, 2016

While We're Waiting

Monday is just about over, but it's never too late for a While We're Waiting post, especially since the links are in the form of videos this week. You're welcome, visual and auditory folk. We have 16 days left until this baby may make his or her arrival! How is that even possible?! We are still clueless as to whether we are having a boy or girl, but everyone is saying boy after taking a look at the baby bump, and I'm now half-expecting a boy. Even the few who thought it might be a girl have changed their minds. We'll all know in just a few short weeks. Until then, videos for you. Enjoy!

1. Here is an old, but good video, and a great reminder to every woman out there. 

2. 5 Tips for keeping your marriage strong.

3. Another video by the same couple, because they are known for their funny videos, and this one is appropriate for the state I'm in. 

4. Another great reminder by one of my favorite bands. 

5. Forget the fact that I got way too excited when I heard the lyrics to this song and it included my daughter's name, but the testimony that accompanies this video is awesome. 

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