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Friday, September 9, 2016

Short & Sweet: Season

In the third trimester, pregnancy brings with it a lack of creativity and imagination when it comes to writing. That has at least been the case for me, both when I was pregnant with our daughter and now again with this one. There's still imagination, but most of it is being poured into thoughts of what the following month will hold, what the baby will look like, what name we'll choose, and so on. Creativity is in the form of nesting. Trying to organize the house and not burn it down all at the same time because of the terrible "pregnancy brain" takes some effort. Deciding how the nursery should be arranged, what color curtains to purchase, and what to place on the walls has drained me of creativity. My toddler refusing to take naps all this week has certainly played a role as well. We are in a season of waiting, and soon we'll hold our little one and begin a new season complete with its own challenges. Until then, here's my futile attempt to bring you something of worth in the form of a list. 

1. Life comes in phases, and seasons don't last forever. 

2. Seasons are beautiful and should be enjoyed, but they are also difficult and moving to the next phase is exciting. 

3. Being pregnant and caring for a toddler and not having family nearby is far from easy, but it certainly brings out the supermom in you. 

4. Bad mama days do not define you. 

5. Some seasons are more difficult than others. 

6. There are days in which you'll be at wits end with nearly everyone around you. Deep breath. Everyone has good intentions. 

7. Your child will test your limits and you'll wonder if you are doing anything right. Upon feeling a little overwhelmed, someone will bring you back to reality with a comment such as "your little one was practicing praying over her pretend food tonight in the nursery." Reminders such as this will allow you to continue being intentional as a parent. The difficult day spent with your determined, cranky, stubborn child will dissolve as evening comes to a close and she sweetly hugs and kisses you and folds her little hands when you pray before laying her down in bed. There is difficult, but the overwhelmingly precious moments remind you to stay on course. 

8. In the third trimester, it's entirely possible that you'll burn cake, freeze jello, and lock yourself out of the house wearing no shoes and having no phone to call for help. All you'll be holding is a sack of Chinese food with the look of panic on your face because your child is inside. (Thankfully she was already in bed and fast asleep, and thankfully the dog didn't wake her with his incessant barking, and thankfully you found a neighbor with a garage door battery so you could get back inside within a half hour.) In those moments, be consoled that you're not the only one feeling a tad crazy. 

9. It's going to be okay. You're doing great! 

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