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Thursday, July 30, 2015

July's Monthly Musings

I've failed at writing weekly wonder posts on account of a busy life. I hope to have more posts in the coming weeks for you. Since I've managed to skip three weeks, we are already on the brink of a new month, leaving us with the Monthly Musings post for July.

I wake up to a fussy, teething, wide awake but still sleepy baby who wants mommy's attention. She's an early riser. I've never been fond of waking early, and the puffy circles under my eyes due to waking up throughout the night remind me that I need more sleep. But my job begins now, regardless of my readiness. I get dressed, put my hair in a ponytail, pick Emily up, and take her to the kitchen. Fixing my hair will happen later. Thankfully, babies aren't judgemental.

We eat and Emily goes into her swing for a nap. I'll stay just out of sight until she succumbs, because if she sees me, she'll insist on receiving my attention and will cry and stay awake longer than necessary. At this point, I take time to read scripture, to pray that I'll keep my sanity throughout the day, and to write a little. Before she wakes, I'll take a few minutes to finish getting ready while I begin thinking about what needs accomplished around the home.

There's always a running list to choose from. Vacuum, sweep, dust, clean kitchen countertops, scrub toilets, wipe mirrors, wash laundry, grocery shop, pull weeds, etc. Those will wait because Emily wakes up again and it's time to play and learn, eat, and change some diapers. Hopefully the day won't be quite as interesting as a few days ago when I realized that she pood while in her jumperoo, and it ran down her leg, onto her foot, and soiled the carpet. I cleaned her up as much as I could with baby wipes, plopped her in the bathtub that I placed in the living room and gave her a toy while attempting to clean the mess before a stain set in.

Once Emily's down for another nap, I prepare and eat lunch, and then focus on doing a few things around the house. After that, if she's still sleeping, I take about a half hour to work on writing. I may write a post for my blog, try a writing exercise, or study writing techniques in books I read at college. Emily will wake again and we'll listen to some music or go outside, read a book together, and work on sitting up. More diapers. More tears. More kisses. More "I love you's." More joy than I can sum in words. She'll take a very short nap before dinner and I'll take a very short time to do something for myself. This may be working on a craft, watching a show, finding cool ideas on Pinterest, or calling someone.

Wes will soon come home and if lucky, I'll have dinner ready. We'll eat together. One of us will bathe Emily while the other washes dishes. Eventually, it'll be Emily's bedtime, and then Wes and I will spend time together.

There's joy in these little things that add one upon another into a full day. Her toothless grins and giggles from tickling combined with her desire to be snuggled up and held when she's sleepy and upset brings tears to my eyes as I write, realizing that I couldn't ask for any better.  I love the life I live.

Here's to July: I'm learning to live in the moment that I've been given. I don't want to wish it away or desire more than what Christ has given me in the here and now, carpet stains and all.

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