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Friday, December 12, 2014

Known and Sanctified

My pregnancy has gone well so far. I've had little complications aside from a couple leg cramps and daily backaches. I go in for check-ups every two weeks and it is the same ritual. They ask if I've been out of country or in contact with Ebola, check my weight, take a urine sample, ask the same questions that always have the same answers, ask if I have any questions, measure, and then check the baby's heartbeat and send me on my way.

So at my last appointment, you can imagine my concern when they sent me to the hospital for a non-stress test since the baby's heartbeat was abnormally fast. I was worried. The practitioner told me everything was fine and it was just for extra measure, but I didn't believe her. She wanted to keep me from panicking. I was certain something was wrong. Why? Well because, it's still hard to believe there's a baby inside of me, and I'm still shocked that my body is doing something so phenomenal, and it doesn't seem possible to be so involved in creating life. It made sense to me that something was wrong. Besides, things had been going way too smooth.

I went to the hospital and they monitored heart rate and uterine activity for an hour. I lay there listening to our daughter's heartbeat while feeling the little bulges protruding on my tummy and receding again. While she makes it very evident that she's in there, it doesn't seem possible that in a few short weeks my husband and I will embark on an incredible journey, a journey I had always imagined but one that seemed far from reality. After an hour, it was determined that our baby was doing great, and that her earlier heartrate must've been a fluke.

Of course, I shouldn't have been worried. While driving to the hospital, Jeremiah 1:5 came to mind. "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee..." What profound words. God knowing us on such a personal level after birth is humbling and astounding, yet to imagine that He knows us before being formed is beautiful. I know that God is protecting her, and He's creating her, and He knows her and loves her more than I ever will.

I look forward to raising His daughter with my husband, and I'm thankful to be a small part of this beauty.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Headbands Shadow Box

You are going to want to Pin one of these pictures for future reference. This is a super easy and cheap craft to make and is great for decorating the room and keeping headbands in one place. Our nursery is pink, green, and white with a jungle theme. The elephant trunks hold the headbands, which I loved more than buying hooks.

These are the little wooden elephants which can be found in craft stores. I found these at Michaels.

Here is the finished product. We painted the green first and then placed masking tape over the inside green section before painting the white section. We painted the elephants pink and hot-glued them onto the shadow box.

You can then add your headbands. It even holds the bulkier headbands and you can hang multiple headbands on each elephant. Also, if you have flower or bow hair clips, you can clip them onto the tails of the elephants. We don't have any yet which is why they aren't pictured.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Emily's Date & Weight Predictions

Let's play a game. This will be a Date & Weight game in which you can choose the date you think Emily will arrive and how much you think she will weigh. Her expected due date is January 26th to help you out a little.  I can't wait to hear all of your predictions! I will add them to the calendar which will be posted near the end of December. Be sure to read the rules under the calendar.

Family and current blog followers had first dibs. Here were their selections:

Date & Weight Game

January 11th February 14th



Aunt Amanda:
7lb, 8oz

Uncle Lyle:

Aunt Kelsey: 8lb, 5oz

8lb, 1oz

Mommy: 7lb, 3oz

Grandpap Phillips:
7lb, 10.5oz

Grandma Hughes:
8lb, 4oz

Aunt Gabby:
6lb, 4.2oz

Grandma Phillips:
7lb, 12oz

Whitney S.
7lb, 8oz



Jenny M:
7lb, 1oz


1. In order for your date and weight selection to be added to the calendar, head to my facebook page by clicking here. Like my page, "The Content Mom," and then write a status or comment on my page with your chosen date and weight. You can choose any date between January 11th-February 14th.

2. There can be multiple people with the same date and weight.

3. There will not be any prizes associated with this game, however, you may claim bragging rights if you come closest!

4. If two or more people choose the same day, the person who wins is the one who comes closest to her weight at birth. If you are the only person who claimed the day, you automatically win regardless of weight.

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