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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blog Changes

Dear Readers, 
Thank you for bearing with me through the process of updating my blog. I've done so to make your experience much better! 

Here are the changes:

  • You'll find new tabs just under my blog title. The new ones are "Parenting, Pregnancy, and Prayer", "Weekly Wonder", and "Monthly Musings." I'm excited to bring content to these pages very soon. 
  • If you used the pages before, don't worry! On the right hand side of my blog, you'll find a "Labels" section. Just click on the subject you are looking for, and posts related to said subject will appear. 
  • Also on the right side of my blog, you'll find a blog archive right under "Popular Posts." I'm most excited about this.
  • I've added more links and blogs that I love just below my blog archive. You should definitely check them out! 
  • Finally, I've changed my "About Me" page. New to that are some fun facts. 

That's all for now. I appreciate each and every one of you! Feel free to share my blog with family and friends, and don't forget to like my Facebook page for updates. 

God's Blessings,
Shelby Hughes

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