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Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 things you should remember about being a mom and 5 things you shouldsay to your mom on Mother's Day.

I'm writing this specifically for you, and I know you'll read every word because you are my greatest support! But I hope it also reminds others why Mother's Day is so important and what should at least be said on this one day. Becoming a mom myself has probably allowed me to recognize some of these, but there are some that I've always known and never recognized you for. 

1. Giving birth was intense. 
You gave birth 3 times! Right now, I'm still recovering from my first pregnancy and can't really imagine going through that again, but we'll see. I probably owe you one more sweet grandchild as difficult of a child as I was. You were induced and gave birth naturally, and the weeks of recovery were far from enjoyable. But in those weeks, you focused least on that and spent hours watching me, in awe of creating life. Yes, you created life.
2. Sleepless nights occurred often. 
Let's not sugarcoat the time after I was born. You faced many sleepless nights so you could wake to feed me and change my diaper. That wasn't the end of sleepless nights either. Growing up, there were plenty of times where you stayed awake when one of us were sick. As teens, I'm sure you stayed awake worrying about where we were, but you also gave us the space for late nights, treating us like adults even though we were a little ways away from earning that title. 
3. Panic happened a few times a year. 
Between the three of us, you had your hands full. I'm sure there were plenty of times when you felt like you were having a mini heart-attack. From asthma attacks and busted baseball lips to skinned knees and common colds, no matter the severity, it set off a panic button on the inside even if you didn't show it. 
4. Patience was your virtue. 
Specifically with me, patience had to be your virtue. Every day was a battle with my attitude, always back-talking and trying to prove my point. I'm sure I kept it interesting, and I'm certain that it took a lot to keep your cool through those days. There were times you lost your cool, like any parent is bound to do, and you'd have to get the courage to apologize. Those times of losing your patience allowed be to realize that we are all human, that we won't always do things perfectly, and that it's important, crucial even, to apologize.  
5. You always put me above yourself. 
Always. I can't think of a time when you put yourself first. I remember one point when Amanda was taking piano lessons, I was in a choir, and Lyle was playing baseball. You took us all over the place and never complained. 

Here are five things I always wrote in cards I made for you. They are simple words that I never explained, maybe because I didn't know how to explain, but you knew exactly what I meant. You took those homemade cards and saved them in a special box, making me feel proud of the crayon drawn flowers and glitter glue stars. 
1. Thank you for always being there. 
In middle school, I struggled with making friends. I cried everyday when I came home after being made fun of often. It was a hard time, as middle school is for just about anyone. You'd come to my room and hug me while I sobbed, encouraging me between pauses, and I'm certain that's why we have such a great relationship. You were always there lifting my spirits and reminding me that I was unique and special. 
2. Thank you for attempting to understand me. 
Let's face it, I've always been headstrong, not afraid to state my opinion. But you always listened, always trying to understand my point of view, and from that I've learned to do the same with others. 
3. Thank you for everything! 
This needs no explanation. Thank you! 
2. You're the best. 
Everyone says it to their own mom, so it's hard to tell who really is the best mom out there, but to me, that person is you. 
3. I love you. 
Even on the days we weren't getting along, I still loved you, and in the grand scheme of things, I'm thankful that you held your own, not letting me getting away with just anything. 

Thank you for being there. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for everything! You're the best mom in the whole world! I love you. 

Happy Mother's Day, 
Love, your daughter. 

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