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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Headbands Shadow Box

You are going to want to Pin one of these pictures for future reference. This is a super easy and cheap craft to make and is great for decorating the room and keeping headbands in one place. Our nursery is pink, green, and white with a jungle theme. The elephant trunks hold the headbands, which I loved more than buying hooks.

These are the little wooden elephants which can be found in craft stores. I found these at Michaels.

Here is the finished product. We painted the green first and then placed masking tape over the inside green section before painting the white section. We painted the elephants pink and hot-glued them onto the shadow box.

You can then add your headbands. It even holds the bulkier headbands and you can hang multiple headbands on each elephant. Also, if you have flower or bow hair clips, you can clip them onto the tails of the elephants. We don't have any yet which is why they aren't pictured.

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