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Friday, November 13, 2015

I am

I've reached 15k, a long stretch from 50k, but I doubt I'd have any words if it weren't for the challenge. While 50k doesn't seem plausible, I'm not giving up. In light of reaching 15k, here's an excerpt of an exercise I worked on to begin writing a few days ago. It's unedited, as I have little time for that at the moment; however, I figured if nothing else, you might learn something new about me. Enjoy! 

I am West Virginian at heart, Pennsylvanian by location. I am burs clustered on high-waters, thorn scrapes from blackberry picking, and creek-soaked tennis shoes worn with dirt-stains and a hole at the toe. I am tears from humbleness of love. I am an old soul. I am intuitive, an over thinker of sorts, sensitive to the spirit and to the broken. I am hands raised, head bowed, heart full. I am folklore and folk music. I am dribbling a basketball on a farm on a fall day while alone with my thoughts. I am lying in the grass staring into deep blue skies and puffy clouds. I am dark nights with shimmering stars. I am wife. I am mommy. I am sister. I am daughter. I am treasure hunter of bugs, rocks, leaves, and frogs. I am parades down the dirt road drive with a pot and a spoon. I am lizards caught by tails and salamanders scooped from ponds. I am frogs thrown on my terrified sister. I am sumac trees hiding imagined cowboys and indians. I am arachnophobia. I am pearly gates and a street of gold. I am music that makes you feel something within. I am wood-smoked coats and log-filled arms. I am tranquil silence at dawn and dusk. I am massive rocks sat upon with a good book or the good book. I am head-bowed deep in prayer. I am words uttered audibly to God while looking past branches into the sky. I am spirited. I am spirit-led. 

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