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Thursday, October 16, 2014

For Real Men Only

Will the real men please stand up? This blog post is for you!

For Real Men Only

There are many boys, yes ‘boys,’ who still treat women disrespectfully, but somehow manage to get so much attention. You know them. When dating, they are commonly called ‘bad boys’ and for some reason, it’s the bad boys that women often chase, leaving real men choking in the dust.

Eventually though, the dust settles, and we see you in the distance. We notice as you continue to open doors for us, listen to us, and pray for us. Some women continue to chase the bad boys, but others realize that it’s the real man who is deserving of our time and our effort.

For all the times we've focused on the bad boys, we have often forgot to thank you for being a real man. If we are married, engaged, or dating you, we sometimes forget to appreciate the qualities that make you a real man.

On behalf of all women out there, I would like to say that you are doing a phenomenal job.

 Thank You!

  • For praying for your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, mom, friend, or even stranger.
  • For opening doors.
  • For being quick to listen, and slow to speak.
  • For not making stereotypical jokes about women.
  • For TRYING to understand us. (I admit, this is no easy task.)
  • For leading by example.
  • For standing up for us.
  • For complimenting us even on our bad days.
  • For doing the less-desired chores. (Ex. taking out the trash)
  • For being a REAL MAN! 

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